5 Wedding Reception Etiquette Tips

If you’re reading this you definitely have a wedding coming up so here is an article to share so people can get an idea of what is expected of them.

Don’t Lose the Invitation Cards

The very first thing you will get is the wedding invitation. Take a few days as possible to send a confirmation back. You might not think that it matters but just give it a thought if your wedding guests informed you at the last possible moment and you had already given a head count to the caterers how would you feel? Do not lose the card somewhere on your counter, but in the rare case if that does happen you should have common courtesy and call the bride or groom and let them know rather than just not turning up or turning up with a plus one.

The Announcement

It’s okay if you only get an announcement there is no need to make a whole deal out of it. Sometimes it’s just a family gathering; it doesn’t mean that they forgot you. An announcement says that they wanted you to be a part of their happiness you should send them a congratulatory card and be happy for them. Sitting at home and just gloating over the fact should be a hard pass.

Be on Time

The most important thing is to get there on time.  This isn’t some random dinner at which you can be late and make an entrance. It’s not about you. It is about the bride, it is her day, and you are invited as a very dear friend to be on time. In the rare case that you do end up being late, you should just sit wherever you see space.

Going all the way to the front just because you are close to the couple is not something acceptable you should just sit wherever you can and if the bride is walking down the aisle wait a bit, let her reach the altar before you ruin her big day.

Dress Properly

So this might be very obvious but still common sense is not that common after all. We’ve all seen that one person at the wedding that is either too flashy, too dull or so jealous that they try to steal the bride’s spotlight. Well, to all those people out there give it a second thought you wouldn’t want that happening to you now, would you? So beware before karma comes and bites your rear end.

You should dress according to the season and formality of the event. If it’s a summer wedding, flower dresses will be okay. If it’s a black tie event, you could use any number of cuts, but keep in mind the family.  You wouldn’t want to end up in a strapless dress at a wedding where the family is religious.

The Receiving Line

At the reception please just greet the couple congratulate them and be done with it. They’re tired, and they have to meet a lot of other people it is not a place for getting a start on your childhood or college stories. Two to three minutes is more than enough, keep the line moving people.

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